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The double of the young French

The talent of Kylian Drumont was fully expressed at the GT World Series Showdown 2022 in Austria!

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Manufacturers Cup

The Subaru team initially composed of Daniel Solis, Kylian Drumont and Takuma Miyazono overcame the absence of the Japanese driver to claim victory at the Gran Turismo World Series Showdown and take 6 additional points in the constructors' championship this season.


Kylian Drumont and Daniel Solis led a measured and tactical race to win ahead of Mercedes-AMG by almost four seconds, despite the absence of the double 2020 world champion Takuma Miyazono, who tested positive for Covid before boarding his flight to Munich.


Kylian from the French PRiMA Esports team set an impressive pace from the first stint on medium tyres, coming up on the two leading cars, Chevrolet and BMW, on soft tyres. After 17 laps, Daniel Solis, the American, took the wheel on hard tires and was able to contain the onslaught of the Mercedes driven by Baptiste Beauvois, determined to take the lead over the Subaru crew. In the absence of Takuma, it was Kylian who took over the wheel for the third and final stint. This strategy was surprising as it was daring. Starting in ninth position coming out of the pits, it looked like there was a lot of work to be done to win, but like everyone around him, the Chevrolets had to stop again - and most of between them were going to be equipped with harder compounds - the Subaru quickly moved up the grid.


With all final pit stops completed on lap 34, Ryota Kokubun in the Toyota was just ahead of the Subaru and Lucas Bonelli on the AMG on the soft tires. The ultimate battle between Mercedes and Subaru was played out in unbearable suspense during the last 14 laps! Lucas Bonelli did everything to get back on Kylian Drumont, but his hopes were short-lived, as his soft tires couldn't last more than 9 laps out of the 14 in this last stint.


While Bonelli was able to make some breakthroughs, closing within 1 second of the Subaru, Drumont was able to manage the pace and didn't let go until the end. Indeed, as the AMG wore out its tires in the chase, the Subaru managed to restore a three-second gap before the finish line.


Thanks to this result, Subaru remains undefeated this season and now has nine points, with the three points earned by Miyazono after his victory in Round 1 of the World Series. Subaru is guaranteed to stay ahead until at least round three.


Subaru - 9 points

Mercedes-AMG - 5 points

Toyota - 4 points

Nissan- 4 points

Mazda- 3 points

Volkswagen - 1 point

Genesis - 1 point

Nations Cup

Sunday the second grand final was launched with an unfavorable starting grid. Kylian started in 7th position with the Redbull x2019 Competition, an extremely fast car that requires increased control of his reflexes. All of the drivers had adopted very different strategies that were far removed from the race direction's recommendations, so much so that it was difficult for commentators and spectators to make any predictions about the final outcome. What was certain was the pace of Kylian who on hard tires on his first stint, as fast as the drivers on medium tyres.

Lap after lap, refueling after refueling, our driver was closing in on the lead to finish P1 on the 19th lap and didn't let go until the end of the race. A battle of anthology with the double world champion Igor Fraga then started on the 23rd lap as soon as Kylian came out of the pits… The Brazilian did not want another victory to escape him. We saw for the first undoubtedly a grimacing face of the champion which was the sign for us that he was in difficulty and in full dilemma between saving his P2, his tires and his fuel, or going on the hunt for Kylian.

He finally opted for the second choice, getting close enough on lap 28 to attempt an overtake under the first Trial Mountain tunnel, but it was with this last attempt that the performance of Igor Fraga's car definitely collapsed! There remained at this stage only three laps to cover until the checkered flag! Kylian wins in style and masters this Nations Cup World Final in the GT World Series!

The World Finals which will take place in Monaco are reaching out to him.

  1. Igor Fraga (Brazil) – 7 points

  2. Kylian Drumont (France) – 6 points

  3. Ryota Kokubun (Japan) – 4 points

  4. Lucas Bonelli (Brazil) – 4 points

  5. Baptiste Beauvois (France) – 3 points

  6. Jose Serrano (Spain) – 2 points

  7. Takuma Miyazono (Japan) – 1 point



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