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The Duqueine Team

The French team Duqueine Team is entered in the European Le Mans Series championship and the 24 hours of Le Mans. It is managed by Max Favard, just like Duqueine Automotive which is developing the LMP3 D08.

_DRE8450-Modifica copia-2.jpg

One of the goals of the PRiMA Esports / Duqueine Team partnership is to build a bridge between Sim Racing and real Motorsport. Can a Sim Racer get behind the wheel of a real race car on a real racetrack? The answer was provided in August 2020 with the START Esport Talents championship which allowed the champion of this 2020 edition to get into an F4. On November 19 and 20, 2020, Maxime Delpech (Almado) and Rayan Derrouiche (Miura), were both at the Pôle Mécanique d'Alès for two days of training on a professional simulator at Duqueine, in order to prepare for their driving sessions on board. 'an F4 and an LMP3 D08 Duqueine, Michelin Le Mans Cup 2020 champion. A magnificent experience for the two young sim racers of the Prima Esports team.

From virtual to real!

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