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JULY 8th, 2023
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PRiMA Esports, in partnership with the MS League, is organizing the Daytona 500 miles in pairs. Two drivers will form a crew and share the two stints of 300 and 200 miles. Qualifying: the two drivers' times will be averaged.











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1. Build your team crew
2. Read race regulation
3. Get your licence (free)
4. Register for the race
5. Qualifying session with your teammate
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Regulations for
500 Miles of Daytona on Gran Turismo 7


PRiMA Esports, in partnership with the MS League, is organizing the Daytona 500 Miles race as a team event on the Gran Turismo 7 game. This event will take place on Saturday, July 8, 2023. The legendary F1 car from the 80s, the F1500T-A, will be used for this race with IndyCar BoP specifications. Each team will consist of two drivers who will take turns driving two stints, one of 300 miles and the other of 200 miles. Qualifying will be held on Tuesday, July 4th at 8:00 PM, and the starting grid will be determined based on the average lap times of both drivers. The race is scheduled to take place in a single lobby but may be extended to two lobbies depending on the number of registered players.


Race Conditions:

Game: Gran Turismo 7

Circuit: Daytona Raceway

Circuit Length: 5729 m (3.560 miles)

Total Number of Laps: 140

Approximate Race Duration: 3 hours and 45 minutes

Car Settings:

Power: 700 hp

Weight: 726 kg

Ballast: 180

Power Limiter: 70%

Car tuning allowed for qualifying and race

Allowed Tire Types: All

Race Schedule:

Date: Saturday, July 8th at 2:00 PM

Circuit Time: Late morning (x3 time ratio)

Race Format: Double-Stints Endurance + Semi-Endurance

Race 1: 84 laps (2 hours 15 minutes)

Break: 7 minutes between races, the second driver must be ready to start during the break.

Race 2: 56 laps (1 hour 30 minutes)

Car Used: Gr.X / F1500T-A

Car Cost: Cr. 1,000,000

Power: 700 hp

Weight: 726 kg

Tire Grip Reduction: Realistic

Driving Assists: ABS

Pit Exit Penalties: Enabled

Shortcut Penalties: Low


Both drivers must participate in qualifying, and the starting grid will be determined by calculating the average of the two best lap times achieved by each driver.

Qualifying Date: Tuesday, July 4th, starting from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Multiple sessions depending on the number of players present in the lobby.

Qualifying Duration: 20 minutes + 1 lap decompression race.


Qualifying Procedure:

Each team must present together to perform their qualifying session. They will be launched with an interval of approximately 20 seconds.

Lobby: 5 teams per session


A message will announce the start of qualifying.

Duration: 20 minutes

Tire Wear: x1

Fuel Consumption: x1

Decompression Race: Rolling Start

Bump drafting and slipstreaming are prohibited during qualifying.

The top 14 ranked teams will qualify to participate in the Daytona 500 Miles.

Race Procedure:

Race 1:

Warm-up + Race: Manual Grid

Rolling Start

Hard Tires: 12 laps

Medium Tires: 36 laps

Soft Tires: 36 laps

Tire Wear: x2

Fuel Consumption: x2

Race 2:

Rolling Start based on the finishing positions from the previous race, manual grid

Hard Tires: 32 laps

Soft Tires: 24 laps

Tire Wear: x4

Fuel Consumption: x3

Points and Ranking:


A points system will be used to determine the final ranking.

Points will be awarded based on the final position of each team.

Setting the fastest lap during the race will earn an additional 1 point.

The ranking is based on 28 players results.


Players must register in advance on the MS League website, which is managing this event.

Registrations will be open until July 4, 2023, at 11:00 PM.

Registration link for MS League:

Registration link for the race team:

Fair Play and Exemplary Behavior:


Players are required to respect the rules of fair play and demonstrate exemplary behavior throughout the race.

Any violation of these principles may result in penalties, including disqualification of the team.

Drive-through penalties may be issued to players whose actions are deemed dangerous or unsportsmanlike.

Points System:

1st - 50 points

2nd - 45 points

3rd - 42 points

4th - 39 points

5th - 36 points

6th - 33 points

7th - 30 points

8th - 27 points

9th - 24 points

10th - 21 points

11th - 18 points

12th - 15 points

13th - 12 points

14th - 10 points


+1 point for setting the fastest lap in each race


The same points system applies to both races and per driver. The combined score from both races will determine the 2023 MSL Daytona 500 winning team.


Please regularly check our website for any updates to the regulations or the event.

We wish you all an exciting race!

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