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GT World Series Season 2 is over, time for the World Finals!

We wrap up a superb season 2 on Gran Turismo with 100 podiums, an unprecedented performance for a simracing team in the official season as well as two titles of European champions and a title of North American champion!

Square P1 Kylian x Dean.jpg

After Kylian Drumont demonstrated his talent at the Showdown in Austria this summer, as well as Joss's fine qualification, we had to mobilize all of our teams again to ensure new qualifications in the GT World Series. It's done, Kylian, Daniel and Dean will go to the World Finals which will be held at Monaco on November 26-27, 2022. Dean and Kylian also qualified for the GR Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup world championship, and will try to clinch the title on November 24.


Daniel Solis aka PRiMA_Lamb

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