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The Plague of Cheaters

A survey of 9,436 consumers conducted by Irdeto in 2018 in six different countries found that 60% of gamers have had their multiplayer gaming experience negatively affected by other players cheating. The survey also found that 77% of online gamers are likely to stop playing a multiplayer game if they think other players are cheating, and 48% are likely to purchase less in-game content. Only 12% of online gamers who play multiplayer games have ever been negatively affected by cheating.

At PRiMA Esports, we are proud of our commitment to ethical esports, as we firmly believe that competition, however fierce, should be fair and equitable, and that cheating or underhanded practices are unacceptable.


We work every day to maintain a level playing field for our players, and never resort to tactics aimed at gaining an unfair advantage over our competitors. We strive to promote a spirit of fair play and integrity in all our activities, in order to maintain a high level of professional ethics.


Cheating in video games has become a scourge on multiplayer platforms, especially with FPS games. But cheating also affects simracing, where it becomes less technological, but behavioral. It can be defined as the use of illegal or unauthorized means, contrary to a game's charter or competition rules, in order to gain an irregular advantage over other players, or to influence the outcome of a game.


Forms of cheating may include the use of third-party software to enhance performance, sharing or exchanging accounts, rigging scores, or manipulating game settings. Recently, we have seen simracing teams succumb to the temptation of circumventing regulations to gain an unfair and disrespectful advantage over other teams and players. The rules of good conduct must be guided by a spirit of fair play.


An attitude where players respect the rules of the game, act fairly, and play with integrity. This means avoiding cheating, not providing false information, respecting the decisions of the race management in our field, or those of its supervisory staff, while demonstrating sportsmanship even when things do not go as planned. By adopting this spirit of fair play, all players can enjoy a more enjoyable, satisfying, and respectful gaming experience, while contributing to building a stronger and more cohesive community.


At PRiMA Esports, we’re proud to promote this spirit of fair play within our team and strive to maintain it in all our activities. That's why we have made difficult decisions, old and recents, since the opening of our organization, by excluding some of our players due to the use of non-fair play methods or having displayed dishonest behavior in order to influence their race results.


We are firmly convinced that cheating, which encourages and perpetuates bad behavior, goes against the values held by our team and those of our loyal partners. These behaviors degrade the quality of the gaming experience for a large number of players and fans.

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