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ROVER ALL SERIES Oceasia 2023 edition is a simracing competition on Gran Turismo 7 "driver," consisting of four groups (pools) and a wide selection of cars from Asian models in various categories.

ROVER ALL SERIES opens its doors to all Gran Turismo 7 drivers to compete in a specific region of the world (Americas, Oceasia, Europa). The circuits and manufacturers are limited to the respective region. All pre-registered drivers will undergo a selection process through qualifying sessions that will determine the 56 drivers who will enter the official competition. However, some registered drivers may be denied access to the competition by the organizers and, therefore, would not participate in the qualifying sessions.

ROVER ALL SERIES is a tournament held over 7 + 1 rounds, including a 3-round pool phase and a tournament phase with 3 races in direct elimination. The drivers with the highest number of points at the end of the pool phase will advance to the elimination phase, which includes the 1/3 finals and the semi-finals. A repechage race after the semi-finals will allow 4 drivers to qualify for the grand final.

Certain parts of this regulation may undergo modifications during the championship. Updates will be communicated on the competition's Discord server.

The MSL license is mandatory to register for the event. To obtain it, you need to have an account on the league's website:

If you are already a licensed MSL member, here is the registration link for the event:
Please log in to your MS League account first for the system to recognize you.
Registrations are open until Sunday, September 10, 2023, midnight.

Everyone (with no age restriction), including multiple members from the same team, can register and participate in the pre-qualification sessions. The championship format does not allow for substitutes. After filling out your form, you will be invited to join the competition's Discord server.

For any questions or doubts regarding the rules or events, please contact:
Organizer: PRiMA Esports
Contact: Jacques Camara
PSN/Discord ID: JakCellAir

The three prequalification evenings will start at 9:00 p.m. on Monday September 11, Tuesday September 12 and Saturday September 16. Depending on the choice of your prequalification day, your time of passage will be defined on the Discord of the competition.
Eight reservists will be appointed according to the order of the times achieved in order to replace a titular driver abandoning the championship.
Format: 15 min + 1 lap race
Vehicle: Suzuki VGT (Gr.3)
Circuit: Kyoto Driving Park - Yamagiwa — reversed.
Slots: 7 drivers per qualifying session

Each driver, once qualified for the tournament after the qualifying sessions, must prepare a set of vehicles, some of which are mandatory, while others can be chosen from a shortlist. As this is not a team competition, we suggest creating original liveries inspired by the designs of official Japanese or Australian competitions. You can also draw inspiration from the models available in the online library of Gran Turismo 7, some of which can be customized. Please note that only one driver per team can use the official livery of their team. However, the logos of the team's partners may be present on other original liveries.


On your liveries, you must add the Rover All Series number plate, available on the competition's Discord. Once done, you will post your creations on the competition's Discord in the designated section.
Whenever possible, your tires should be manufactured by
Yokohama, Bridgestone, or Toyo Tires.


Please enable notifications for the competition's Discord to stay informed and not miss any communications from the race organizers.

When you commit to participating, it's crucial to keep yourself updated on the latest news, potential rule changes, briefings, or procedures for your upcoming race. This will ensure you remain well-informed and actively engaged in the event.

[These regulations apply from the pre-qualifications stage.]

I - All drivers selected to compete in the ROVER ALL SERIES commit to respecting the rules established by the organizer and to maintaining a respectful attitude towards the organization and their opponents, both during the race, in the in-game chat, and in comments on live streams or posts on the social media of ROVER ALL SERIES, MSLEAGUE, and their partners.

II - Driver License: Drivers have a penalty credit of 15 points, leading to the exclusion of the driver once this credit is exhausted.

III - Any inappropriate, offensive, or threatening behavior will result in immediate exclusion from the competition and a ban from the organization's social media.

IV - We expect all competing drivers to demonstrate fair play, sportsmanship, and comply with the provisions of this regulation. Certain incidents, the complete list of which can be found below, will be severely penalized. If fraudulent activity is suspected and proven after investigation, the player will be immediately disqualified from the competition and replaced by a reserve driver, who will take over their progress.

V - Any claims should be submitted on the MS League website (menu: Race Commission) and will be handled by the CoS (Committee of Simracing Officials). URL:

VI - Regarding pre-race qualifications, it is strictly forbidden to stop on the track or activate automatic driving. It is also prohibited to burn fuel in the pits or on the track and to hinder other drivers in any way.

VII - Absence or Unavailability: To address potential unavailability on a date, an online table is provided for drivers to choose their race dates and to make possible changes with another driver. To do so, you must quickly initiate a general call to other drivers in the Discord group in the "swap" section. If a driver abandons during the pool phase, their replacement from the list of reserves will take over their points.

VIII - Restart: Only one restart will be allowed due to a race lobby bug. The involved driver(s) must leave the lobby and then return for the restart. If the bug persists, the driver(s) cannot participate in the race. However, they can try to join another race in the same weekly round if a driver is absent or willing to switch places on short notice. The affected driver(s) can use this time to fix their connection issues. No restart will be allowed for on-track actions.

IX - It is strictly forbidden to write in-game messages once the race has started. This may be penalized at the end of the round. Pushing a driver with a damaged car is also prohibited.

X - If an incident occurs between two drivers on the track, it is forbidden to give back the position to the affected driver. All races will be analyzed by the race stewards, and sanctions will be given to the offending driver(s).

XI - No personal vendettas in the lobbies, no insults or threats.

XII - An engaged driver may be excluded from the competition for behavior deemed inappropriate during the race or interactions with the race management, as well as for continuously requesting information about their race at each new round. All participants are expected to show seriousness and commitment.

XIII - Any driver with significant vehicle damage that requires slowing down or changing pace must inform other drivers by activating their hazard lights and keep them on until entering the pits.

XIV - Repechage of a driver: In the elimination phase, if a qualified driver for the next round abandons the competition without a replacement, their progress from the beginning of the current edition will be erased, and all drivers below them in the general ranking will move up one position.

XV - Virtual Safety Car: During the race, in the event of a crash involving at least 5 cars, a Full Course Yellow (FCY) message + 3-second countdown will be initiated by the in-game race management. At this signal, all drivers must switch to "automatic driving" (Start button) until this procedure is canceled by the in-game race management.

All drivers will be added to a PlayStation voice party 7 days before the competition, including:

• Race hosts
• Organizer
• Broadcaster
• Race stewards

Drivers must add the race hosts at least 24 hours before the event's start.
Race lobbies will open 30 minutes before the start of the races.
Each driver must be present in the lobby and on the track at least 10 minutes before the start of the race. The driver must have all the required tires and be able to leave the pits.
At the end of the race, save the replay of your race and keep it for at least 7 days. A driver not present on the track at the start of the race will be considered absent (no points awarded).

Points will be significant up to the quarter-finals to determine which drivers qualify for the elimination phase. The current points system is applied uniformly across all groups. Drivers who set the fastest lap time in the race, considering all groups combined, for a round will be awarded a +1 point bonus (up to the quarter-finals). In case of a tie in points between drivers potentially eligible for repechage after round 4, their performance will be analyzed to break the tie (race results, penalties, lap times, etc.).

Drivers who disconnect will be credited with the points of the last place. In case of hardware issues, we encourage them to return to the pits until the end of the race to score points for the last places. RageQuits are considered as abandonments and may result in exclusion from the championship depending on the circumstances.

Points Distribution:
P1: 35
P2: 32
P3: 29
P4: 27
P5: 25
P6: 23
P7: 21
P8: 19
P9: 17
P10: 15
P11: 13
P12: 11
P13: 9
P14: 7

Bonus Points:
Pole position bonus: 1 point
Fastest absolute lap in the race (across all groups in a given round): 1 point
Fair play action bonus: 1 point

Claims must be submitted on the league's website within 24 hours after the end of the races:
Sanction results will be posted on the MSL Discord within 72 hours after the end of the race. The contestation period is possible for 24 hours after the publication of the sanctions.
Results publication: After the contestation period or 72 hours if a contestation is received.

[ADM]: Dangerous action causing engine damage | -10 points
[ADC]: Dangerous action causing suspension damage | -5 points
[ADA]: Dangerous action causing aerodynamic damage | -3 points

[DB1]: DiveBomb with gaining position(s) with damages | -7 points
[DB2]: DiveBomb with gaining position(s) without damages | -4 points
[DB3]: DiveBomb without gaining position(s) with damages | -5 points
[DB4]: DiveBomb without gaining position(s) without damages | -3 points

[SP4]: Forcing a pilot off-track by collision, squeeze, or abrupt change of trajectory with 4 wheels off-track | -6 points
[SP2]: Forcing a pilot off-track by collision, squeeze, or abrupt change of trajectory with 2 wheels off-track | -3 points

[REF]: Closing the inside line acquired by the driver behind you, or by the driver completing a pass on you | -5 points
[OBS]: Obstruction and/or multiple changes of trajectory to prevent a driver from overtaking | -4 points
[DP1]: Forcing an overtake by leaning on the opponent's door resulting in loss of control by the latter | -3 points
[DP2]: Overtake at the door without loss of control by the opponent | -2 points
[RAD]: Cutting in, or side contact with a pilot visible on the radar | -1 point

It is advised to indicate any change of direction using your indicators, especially when entering the pits.
-1 point for any breach of the general rules. The same penalties will be applied in seconds during the elimination phase, from the 1/3 finals to the final.

Respecting the code of conduct is a fundamental aspect. Players participating in the Rover All Series must adhere to the rules of good conduct and fair play. If a player violates these rules, they will be considered ineligible to continue in the competition. In case of a clear violation of the rules during the event, the organizer may exclude the guilty player.

Players must conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the values advocated by the organizer and must not engage in behaviors considered harmful to the reputation or relationships of the organizer or its partners.

Behaviors such as hate speech, racism, harassment, and discrimination are strictly prohibited. Players must not use language that is deemed obscene, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, defamatory, or otherwise offensive. This type of language is not allowed on social media or during any public event, such as live streaming.

Any form of harassment is strictly prohibited. Any use of words, phrases, or gestures that offend the dignity or integrity of a private person, a group of people, a team, a brand, a sponsor, or a country through contemptuous or discriminatory words or actions based on race, skin color, ethnic or national origin, gender, language, religion, political opinion, or any other opinion, financial status, sexual orientation, or any other reason, is strictly prohibited.

Honda Civic Site 2.jpg

Host lobby : If a disconnection occurs at:
25% of the race = restart from the beginning.
26% to 75% = restart and start a sprint race with the remaining laps - tire wear x1 x1. Points will be distributed as follows: 2/3 of the points for the main race and the remaining 1/3 for the sprint race. Beyond 85% = end of the round, grid photo before the bug, and awarding of bonus points.

Driver : If a driver is disconnected during a qualifying session for more than 50% of the time, their best time will be invalidated, and they will be placed in the last position on the starting grid, following the order of disconnection of other pilots. If 3 drivers are disconnected during qualification, the session will be closed for reopening, and all drivers will restart the session.

The blue flag signals to a driver that they are about to be lapped by one or more cars from the leading group. The driver under a blue flag condition must activate their warnings when they are ready to be overtaken. They should ensure not to impede the progress of the faster cars, slowing down if necessary while maintaining their racing line. Drivers must not change their racing line before and during the overtaking process. Fast drivers should also be patient and not attempt to force their way through, as it may lead to an accident.

A driver under a blue flag is not allowed to defend their position on the track against the overtaking car. Intentionally holding up or defending against a faster car may result in penalties or even disqualification from the round.

A backmarker has the right to regain an advantage over a leading driver if they clearly have a better race pace due to factors such as less degraded tires or a less penalizing fuel load. However, we request that both drivers cooperate to ensure a fair exchange of positions.

yellow flag conditions, the game may apply a 3-second penalty if a driver overtakes another driver near the car that triggered the yellow flag. Therefore, proceed with caution and reduce your speed in the yellow flag zone to avoid any incidents.

Gran Turismo lobbies are very sensitive to poor network configurations, especially high PING values. To avoid significant LAG or the risk of being disconnected, we encourage you to follow these tips:

The main problem is connecting via WiFi, especially if you do not have fiber internet.
• Connect your console with a wired connection to your internet router or use an RJ45 internet wall socket.
• Alternatively, you can use a CPL (powerline communication) system (around thirty euros) that allows you to connect via a wired connection anywhere in your home using electrical outlets.
• Reset your internet router before each race.
• Contact your internet service provider to remotely refresh your connection.
• Clear the network cache of your PlayStation before entering the lobby.
• Disconnect all unnecessary devices from your home network before the race, such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, and the TV box if no one is watching TV.

A test race will be organized on Wednesday, September 20th.

To offer a high-quality experience to the competition viewers and provide visibility to the drivers and teams, we encourage willing players to appear on camera during the races. Our broadcasting team suggests using the VDO Ninja solution, which is compatible with your computer, smartphone, and tablet. (Documentation available here:

The video conference connection details will be provided by the administrators before the start of the event.



Mazda Roadster Touring Car
Price: 90,000 credits
Source: Brand Central

Nissan GT-R GT500 ’99
Price: 2,500,000 credits
Source: Legendary Cars

Toyota Supra GT500 ’97
Price: 1,500,000 credits
Source: Legendary Cars and others

Subaru WRX STi Isle Of Man
Price: 370,000 credits
Source: Brand Central

Honda Civic R (EK) Touring car
Price: Approximately 116,000 credits
Source: Used Cars

Nissan Silvia spec-R Aero (Gr.4)
Price: 350,000 credits
Source: Brand Central

Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R V•spec ‘97
Price: Approximately 158,500 credits
Source: Used Cars and rewards

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR ‘98
Price: Approximately 67,100 credits
Source: Used Cars

Toyota Tundra TRD Pro ’19
Price: 62,000 credits
Source: Brand Central

Super Formula 2023
Price: 1,000,000 credits
Source: Brand Central

Suzuki VGT (Gr.3)
Price: 450,000 credits
Source: Brand Central

15. CALENDRIERAll races and qualifications start at exactly 9:00 PM. Late drivers will not be waited for the race launch.



ALPHA GROUP: Monday, September 25th
BETA GROUP: Tuesday, September 26th
GAMMA GROUP: Thursday, September 28th
DELTA GROUP: Friday, September 29th


ALPHA GROUP: Monday, October 2nd
BETA GROUP: Tuesday, October 3rd
GAMMA GROUP: Thursday, October 5th
DELTA GROUP: Friday, October 6th


ALPHA GROUP: Monday, October 9th
BETA GROUP: Wednesday, October 11th
GAMMA GROUP: Thursday, October 12th
DELTA GROUP: Friday, October 13th



ALPHA GROUP: Monday, October 23rd
BETA GROUP: Tuesday, October 24th
GAMMA GROUP: Thursday, October 26th
DELTA GROUP: Friday, October 27th


ALPHA GROUP: Wednesday, November 1st
BETA GROUP: Thursday, November 2nd
DELTA GROUP: Friday, November 3rd


ALPHA GROUP: Tuesday, November 7th
BETA GROUP: Thursday, November 9th


FISHOUT (Repechage)

Monday, November 20th


Thursday, November 23rd.

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