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The Pirate of Tuscany !

Fast, talented and generous, we are happy that Pirata666 joins our team with new ambitions!


Salvatore Maraglino, known in the Gran Turismo community for his numerous world records in time attack, has chosen PRiMA Esports to continue his simracer career, with the firm intention of repeating his feat of being crowned GR Supra GT Cup season champion, and at the same time, qualifying for the World Tour 2022. Salvatore was a finalist in the World Tour in Monaco in 2019 with an 8th place overall, then in Sydney where he will finish at the foot of the podium at the 4th place in the world, becoming for these seasons, the No. 1 in Italy. We will accompany him in his quest for performance and give him all the help he needs to achieve it.

Finale GR Supra GT Cup

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